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Child's Anxiety

Is your child often worried before, after, and during events? Do they have meltdowns before or after school? If they are often agitated, restless, or have unexplainable headaches and stomachaches, your child may have anxiety. If your child is experiencing any kind of emotional distress, you should take them to the pediatrician.

How to keep your kids active in the winter

As the cooler weather approaches and the summer days that were full of seemingly endless options for outdoor activities come to an end, it’s still important to keep your family active. Staying active during the cooler winter months poses some challenges, but it is possible to keep your children active during any season.

Helping Your Teen Stay Healthy and Safe This Winter

With a busy schedule filled with homework, social events, and extracurricular activities, it can be hard for teenagers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true in the winter as the days shorten and the weather cools. Your teenager’s health should not worsen with the arrival of winter. With the help of Glen Allen Pediatrics and the tips below, you can help keep your teen happy and healthy all winter long.

What to do When Your Child is a Picky Eater

Let’s face it; most children are picky eaters. You’re not alone in this situation at all! Children have been picky with food probably since the beginning of time - which is why parents, doctors, psychologists, and nutritionists have spent years finding methods that work. As a parent, you want to make sure your child gets the right vitamins. Your child, though, may have other ideas when it comes to food. Here’s a guide for what to do when your child is a picky eater.