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keep baby warm

Keeping your newborn warm is of the utmost importance. Infants do not have the ability to regulate their body heat like adults. They also tend to have a lower amount of body fat, causing them to lose heat more easily. If an infant loses too much heat, their body may pause many of the vital developmental processes that take place in the first year of life. It’s crucial to keep your baby at the perfect temperature all winter long, and the Glen Allen Pediatrics team is here to help with some useful tips!

nutritous winter foods

With the arrival of winter, many people tend to think that all fruits and vegetables are naturally out of season. While many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy are in fact out of season in the winter months, there are plenty of healthy, kid-friendly options available throughout the winter that your family will love. So, put away that frozen pizza and throw on your apron. We’ve prepared a list of kid-friendly foods that you can serve up all winter long.

Sick African American Girl Wit

The winter season is upon us, which means so is cold and flu season. Each year, 5 percent to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the flu. With all those germs going around, we put together this post to help you stay informed about the cold and flu and to help you and your family get through cold and flu season safely.

the importance of warm clothing in winter

Children absolutely love snowy weather. If it were up to them, they’d wake up and race out the front door of your home wearing nothing but pajamas at the first sight of snowfall. While this free-spirited nature can be innocent and inspiring, it also means that you as a parent need to help guide your child so they are dressed properly for any adverse weather conditions. When it comes to winter weather, this is an absolute necessity as cold weather can really take a toll on your child’s health.