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The flu virus affects people all over the world each year. Children aged 2 and below are at an increased risk of experiencing severe health complications due to flu. The 2017-18 flu season has been particularly hard on children with around 53 pediatric flu-related deaths reported in the US. And we are just four months into the flu season.

After reading this article you will know why it's essential to get your child a flu shot every year before the start of the flu season.

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Kids are more prone to head lice than adults, especially when school is in session. Their close proximity to others, and the possibility of swapping hats and scarves, increase the chance of spreading lice. The good news is that you can prevent the spread by following these tips:

 School Lunch Box For Kids

Whether your child is just starting school or daycare for the first time, or if they’re in middle or high school, they need nutritious foods throughout the day to keep them energized and alert. As a parent you certainly want to ensure that your child has a lunch that can give them the required nutrients.

Here are some healthy and tasty lunch ideas that can keep your child going:

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