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 School Lunch Box For Kids

Whether your child is just starting school or daycare for the first time, or if they’re in middle or high school, they need nutritious foods throughout the day to keep them energized and alert. As a parent you certainly want to ensure that your child has a lunch that can give them the required nutrients.

Here are some healthy and tasty lunch ideas that can keep your child going:

Come to Glen Allen pediatrics for your child's health care needs! We have MD's, MA's and M and M's for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Staff all in M&Ms costumes

children trick or treatingWith Halloween fast approaching, children and parents alike are preparing costumes and decorations for the big day. Along with the Halloween excitement comes the potential danger of contaminated Halloween candy. While this phenomenon is quite rare, and according to Wikipedia an urban legend, it isn’t unreasonable to use some caution and check the colleced candy. We want to make sure that all parents know what to look for while inspecting their children’s Halloween treats.

Strep throat is a common cause of sore throats caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria. It typically requires treatment with antibiotics. It is most common in children, in late fall and early spring.

But does your child have strep throat or a more common and less severe sore throat? It can be tough to tell, especially in the early stages. Here we’ve listed signs to look for and steps to take if you suspect your child has strep throat.


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